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Vital Hearts, LLC is an American Red Cross licensed training provider. We provide training's for individuals, companies, organizations and businesses throughout the United States. Our establishment courses are designed for those requiring industry-mandated training or certification and participants looking to enhance their skills on a personal or professional level.

Vital Hearts, LLC strives to give participants the BEST. For that reason, we only employ licensed and certified instructors. Most have medical backgrounds and a plethora of classroom experience. The primary goal of our training's is to empower and educate. Unlike most businesses, Vital Hearts, LLC guarantees a relaxed training environment conducive to learning. Classroom presentations will always consist of constructive feedback, demonstrations, lecture, videos and hands-on practice using a variety of manikins. High-tech manikins used in a Vital Hearts, LLC training's allow participants to receive a real-time response while eliminating little room for error.

Vital Hearts, LLC understands the importance of participants leaving our training's with confidence and knowledge needed to respond in an emergency. For this reason, we provide participants time with our instructors, several program delivery methods, and assist with online resources. Our goal is to always teach so every participant can learn.

Whether you require certification or just want to learn; Vital Hearts, LLC got you covered. Creating an extraordinary experience is what we do. Classes at our facilities are open to anyone. Upfront pricing is provided with no hidden charges.

Please contact us today to see how we can help you fulfill your training needs! Phone 601-473-1950 or

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